Care for Winter Hair and Skin, naturally

Care for Winter Hair and Skin, naturally

Why 100% Natural body and hair care is the best choice in caring for winter skin

Winter can wreak havoc on our hair and skin. Not only can it leave us dry and chapped, but the wind, low-humidity and indoor heat can also make our complexion and hair appear dull and lifeless. The secret to looking radiant all year-round? Genuinely natural products! As in Certified100% Natural.

Start and end your day with ultra mild washes and shampoos

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), and other sulfates included in the majority of washes and shampoos, is the chemical used for foaming and cleaning. It is a harsh chemical that strips the skin and hair of natural oils and disrupts the resident microbes living on the surface of the skin, which are so critical for a healthy skin barrier. Disturbing these microbes (and your skin barrier) with soap and other products with a high pH, is one of the most common reasons the skin is not well protected and becomes subject to the effects of the winter season. Switching to a 100% Natural Shampoo and Body Wash such as the Africa Organics product range, will ensure the natural lipid barrier on the skin and hair is left in tact, and resident microbes are not disrupted. This ensures the skins barrier function is performing optimally and the condition of the hair and skin is stronger and healthier.

Natural plant oils instead of petrochemicals

Any certified natural or organic product will be free from petrochemicals and will use natural plant oils instead of mineral oil, which creates a “film” on the skin, blocking it from absorbing beneficial ingredients and preventing the skin from “breathing” and ultimately drying the skin out even further. Natural plant oils deliver real nourishment and benefit to the skin and allow for the active ingredients to penetrate. All the oils used in the Africa Organics range demonstrate additional benefits, such as being enriched with potent anti-oxidants and other protective properties.

Care for Winter Hair and Skin, naturally

Treat hair and skin with the best active ingredients available

The secret to really good hair and skincare is to understand the concern, and then to treat with the most appropriate and potent active ingredients. No continent endures harsh dryness like Africa. And as a result, our plants have come up with some ingenious ways to cope. Using ingredients from some of these trees and plants will enable your skin and hair to be treated and protected by the very same active ingredients that these plants use, to survive in an arid harsh climate.

Africa Organics uses the wild harvested African active ingredients from the Marula, Mongongo, Baobab and Kalahari Melon fruits. These ingredients, combination with the 100% natural formulations, offer the best treatment and protection for winter hair and skin.