African Potency

Choosing natural products doesn’t mean having to accept ineffective products.

On the contrary, the African plant species we use have had to adapt to the harshest conditions on the planet by producing some of the most powerful protective ingredients known to man. You can now benefit from these ingredients in Africa Organics, an ethical body care range sourced from some of the continent’s most legendary plants.

  • We are approved by PhytoTrade Africa, a visionary Fair Trade initiative that promotes community projects throughout sub-Saharan Africa.
  • We are certified organic by Ecocert and classify as 100% natural origin.
  • We are endorsed by Beauty Without Cruelty and don’t test our products on animals. We don’t purchase raw materials from suppliers that use animal testing.
  • All of our products are rapidly biodegradable and by using our products, you contribute to the health of our watercourses.
  • We don’t use any animal ingredients in our products and all our products are vegan-friendly; we are endorsed by the Vegan Society of South Africa.

Do the best for yourself, do the best for our planet.
It’s the intelligent, caring thing to do.