When we were formulating Africa Organics, we used the Ecocert and COSMOS standards as a starting point and overlaid our own ethics. We looked into the skin sensitivity and biodegradability data, as well as the production processes for all the ingredients.

It wouldn’t be fun if we weren’t breaking new ground – so we targeted 100% natural status on all products, including hair care. Organic certification was a given. We stipulated that a minimum of 5% of the raw material cost would be spent on PhytoTrade sourced ingredients so that we had real community benefit. We threw out anything that we felt was not applicable to sensitive skin.

We work closely with PhytoTrade Africa. They monitor the sustainability of the wild-harvest and they make sure that the harvesters are paid fairly and quickly. So you know that every time you buy one of our products, someone in rural Africa benefits.

We are certifed organic with Ecocert in France – so you know that the product supports organic farming – but we have gone one step further and certified as 100% natural origin as well.

We are also accredited by Beauty Without Cruelty and the Vegan Society.

The packaging – we’ve subscribed to the Cradle to Cradle philosophy – so we view our product as a biological nutrient and the packaging as a technical nutrient. This means that we focus primarily on the recyclability of the packaging bearing in mind production processes. Our packaging is LDPE and the cap is PP and is accepted by Ecocert.

We would like to bring you a 100% natural, certified organic hair and body care range that uses Africa’s most powerful plant ingredients, while at the same time contributing to the well-being of Africa’s rural communities and its plant biodiversity.